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OUT NOW !!! *** JETZT NEU!!! *** OUT NOW !!!

  pcn - Collector  

(Double Vinyl Album, Stream + Download Bandcamp)  
Distribution: Timezone TZ2502

This album is a collection of 20 years of music by pcn. It is the fourth and finally gathers an important part of the work and completes for now the releases with a large part of the pieces produced from 2000 to 2021. A colorful mixture is the result. The method behind the madness has remained the same: puzzle together everything possible in a sequencer and let creativity run free towards the originals without regard to stylistic losses.

available at bandcamp ( https://pcnmusic.bandcamp.com/album/collector),
minor mailorder ( https://www.discogs.com/seller/minor/profile),
timezone - shop ( https://timezone-records.com/products/pcn-collector-doppel-vinyl,
via Timezone Distribution at your favorite record shop
and soon on any common streaming service



 p.c.n Ambiloco live 2021/22

  pcn - Arowana-Sessions  

(CD-Album + Bandcamp)

the first pcn - album Arowana-Sessions, released in 2010 as a mini-cd-rom-edition at the Bodensatz, will be re-released. This time as nice Digipac-CD as well as stream and download on Bandcamp or at Minor Mailorder Online Shop.

The origin of this album goes back to 1999. First attempts in PC produced electronic music matured over the years to an ambitious work. Here, too, the stylistic range is wide, albeit focused - with the styles Electro/Techno, E-Metal, Minimal Music/Classical, Industrial and Ambient - and back an arc is made, which describes an intense journey quasi to the emotional Nadir and back. Bipolar...

available at   Bandcamp minor.de  or  Riviera -Shop in Munich

Plastic Bomb Nr.120 3/22:
"It's not that I don't appreciate purely instrumental music. However, most of it works best for me with the visual background. Apart from songs like "Guns of Navarrone" by the Skatalites or the like... Christian Nothaft's predominantly electronic work, which he has been releasing under the name pcn since 2011, also smells strongly of celluloid to me. It would probably be a damn good soundtrack for several film genres at the same time, with the sometimes quite intricate soundscapes that are created here. An interesting affair for cineastes for sure, while enjoying the "Arow(an)a" Sessions", one or the other film runs in your head cinema even without drugs..." (Basti)

Side-Line - Magazine:
"Genre/Influences: Cinématique, Experimental.
+ + + : This kind of production needs to be accompanied and/or completed by visual arts. One of the tracks (cf. “Almost.All”) reminds me a bit of the sadness from the music you can hear in Pedro Almodóvar films. I’m just missing an accordion. The opening cut is another interesting track for the retro-like sound treatments.
– – – : Most of the tracks are rather repetitive and quickly becoming monotonous. And I’m not a huge lover of the rapid, nervous sequences mixed with fast rhythms.
Conclusion: PCN is not the most accessible sound experience, but is worthy of examination for Experimental heads.
Best songs: “Almost.All”, “NToR/tm”.
Rate: 5 1/2."

( side line )

Review Skug 2011:
"Sometimes music comes along that sounds as if it has just slipped out of a message in a bottle, a time hole, without being retro or part of a (taking place, coming) revival. It simply spreads out in a quasi-singular way, sometimes has tics and quirks like only children and is not averse to a certain autism. The "Arowana Sessions" by the Munich musician Christian Nothaft, recorded between 1998 and 2010, fall precisely into these categories, only to fall out of them again immediately. Basically, we are listening to midi files put together with Cubase and the cheap sound card Arowana, which gives the title. Actually a terrain between 8bit and "Atari sound" that seems to have been grazed long ago. Only that that none of this plays a role here (and if it does, then as what has to stay outside). At one point in the booklet Christian Nothaft calls his tracks "E-Metal" and leaves open what this "E" stands for. Indications between "seriousness", "electronics", "ecstasy", "excess", "deceleration" in the tracks that fluctuate back and forth between dance floor and minimal. But "metal" is not so easy to explain either. Brute and hard may be the idea behind it, but why are we dealing with "string quartets", pianos and other classical pianos and other classical instruments, and less with down-tuned strangle guitars? Reading metal as a radical form of avant-garde, with open ears in all directions. rock idioms long behind it, might also be the key here. But less as a simple translation mechanism (for example into the aforementioned "string quartets"), but rather as a trans-formation into the possibilities and limitations of a cheap sound card. The point here is simply (and just as simply as effectively) about software as an instrument. In order to achieve the often of a music that plays itself. What distinguishes the "Arowana Session(s)" from similar undertakings is a kind of serious cheesyness of the sounds, which sometimes sounds, which are sometimes reminiscent of the somewhat eerie and whimsical sounds of old music music machines and music boxes."
(Didi Neidhart)

Arowana on air @ WFMU:
shows with arowana-content on wfmu.org
WFMU JA In The AM with John Allen Playlist from September 30, 2022
WFMU Polyglot with Jesse Dorris Playlist from July 26, 2022
WFMU Radioactivity with Abbie From Mars Playlist from August 21, 2022


pcn - track Vulture PLS on Freezing in Giesing Vol. 2 - Sampler
(released by Echokammer and Trikont)

Trikont.de / Freezing in Giesing Vol. 2

pcn / da Pöschl & the Ghosts - Split-LP (Vinyl, CD + Stream)
released by Echokammer

release date 5.2.21 - Echokammer / EK 090 / LC11378

Two 'old hands' of the munich underground have united forces for this record.
Albert Pöschl with his solo project da Pöschl & the Ghosts and Christian
Nothaft with his pcn - project, each one on his side, present leftfield electronic
music which spans from soundscape to electro.

Of course this release will come out on Pöschls own Echokammer - label.
This record is available as Vinyl with CD included or CD only.

"...music like mobiles, always balancing themselves, but without ever wanting
to reach a balance (of whatever).
Whereby "pcn" with such great titles like "Mighbouth (Lowknedge)" already
presents a certain kind of crackling-wound junkyard-electronics, but on closer
listening it turns out to be more electronics for the world as junkyard.
The other "pcn" tracks also trigger an imaginary found footage cinema in the head.
Things are similarly "cinematic" with "da pöschl & the ghosts".
"Don't Stop The Music" flirts with Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", but gets
lost in a gray milky glass landscape, where "(No) Night Touch" turns dodgy
pirouettes in the traffic circle.
And how coincidences play like that: This is at the moment exactly the music
of the time as it is, but also a music for and from a (still) different time.
That may sound like a lot on the shoulders, but "da pösch & the ghosts"
and "pcn" easily master that." (Didi Neidhard)

review in german newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung of 26.Feb.21:
"It is something like a summit meeting under the opposite sign.
Because to the left and right of this tongue-in-cheek competitive
"versus", two free spirits are pooling their forces, who have long
since become indispensable in the Munich underground scene:
Christian Nothaft alias pcn, who is also a figure of the punk
“Bodensatz”collective (a kind of hybrid of label and publishing
house) has proven to be an accomplished multifunctional tinkerer
for a good two decades. On his website he has assembled a work that,
alternating between set dog dreams, retro-futuristic background
reading and free-spinning avant-garde, illustrates how wonderfully
wild it can sound, if nobody fumbles around with your own musical
On the opposite side: Albert Pöschl, with whom, as the label
boss, producer and musician, the threads of the fine indie label
"Echokammer" have come together for 20 years, and who likes to go
under his solo alias "Da Pöschl & The Ghosts" too just turn the
The two can now be heard together on a split album that, with four
pcn tracks on the A and six Pöschl tracks on the B side, outlines
an exciting cross-section of what electronic music can be...."
(Martin Pfnür)

read full article in german: www.sueddeutsche.de/muenchen/hertzkammer-duesterboys

Side-Line - Magazine:
"+ + + : If you like Minimalism and especially pure Experimental
music with some Cinematographic influences on top, this album might
be something for you. I like the Experimental/Industrial “10/11”
from PCN, which is supported by a great and ominous atmosphere.
From Da Pöschl & The Ghosts I would recommend listening to “No Night
Touch” for its Psychedelic approach. There’s also something to say
about the minimalism of “Beneath The Surface”.

– – – : This kind of album sounds more for a restricted number
of music lovers, kind of initiates.

Conclusion: This split album sounds as an antithesis to established
music forms and –standards.

Best songs: “10/11”, “No Night Touch”.

Rate: 6."

the "Migbouth (Lowknedge)" video by pcn

listen to the pcn - tracks:

for more infos and/or to order go this way:

www.echokammer.de - +-+ pcn_da+poeschl +-+

or here:

or here:
x-mist.de / pcn_da_p_schl_the_ghosts

# # #

coming (soon) - more pcn-albums to come out in 2021:

?? (n/n) (Double-Vinyl-Album + Bandcamp) 
later that year there will be a full collection comprising the work of pcn
from 2000 until now. more infos soon

pcn - Arowna-Sessions (CD-Album + Bandcamp)
the first pcn - album, released 2010 as a small CD-ROM-Edition at
Bodensatz, will be re-released. more info soon


     Bodensatz Radio auf Laut.fm 

The infamous, mostly defunkt, munich label/posse "Bodensatz" sees some
awakening in the virtual domain of internet radio. The Bodensatz-Radio on Laut.fm
presents music related to this open underground collective and the output of
the many constellations their participants made music together in the 20 Years
since the beginnings - with large Christian-Nothaft-propotion...




Biertel vor drei - Ein Suffgespräch über Kunstproduktion in München
(nachgesprochen von unseren Müttern)
Soundtrack: Christian Nothaft --- auf Cassette mit Schrottland #7 Magazin


The radio play "Biertel vor drei - Ein Suffgespräch über Kunst-
produktion in München (nachgesprochen von unseren Müttern)"
(Quarter to Three - a booze conversation about art production
in Munich (repeated by our mothers)) by and with Martin Krejci,
Thomas Glatz, Sigi Wiedemann, Florian a. Betz and Florian
Schenkel, and with the soundtrack by Christian Nothaft will
be published by Volxvergnügen as a cassetten-inlay to the
newest Schrottland - Magazine #7.
release date is Friday, 18.9.20, 7:00 pm
location: t.b.a.

more Info: http://www.volxvergnuegen.org



 p.c.n Ambiloco live 16.11.19 at Noise Are Back In Town -

 live-recording at Burger & Steakbar, Munich available at bandcamp


Thomas Glatz - "Hundetraum" - video with Nothaft music


Thomas Glatz´ new short film "Hundetraum" (a dogs
dream) with soundtrack by Christian Nothaft on
YouTube - dreamlike...


"Die Fledderer" - text by and with Gerhard Lassen - music: Christian Nothaft


the text "Die Fledderer" (the (corpse)robbers) by Gerhard Lassen,
read by himself and Maria Müller,
with soundtrack by Christian Nothaft - helltrip...

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