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 p.c.n Ambiloco live 16.11.19 at Noise Are Back In Town -

 live-recording at Burger & Steakbar, Munich available at bandcamp

Thomas Glatz - "Hundetraum" - video with Nothaft music


Thomas Glatz´ new short film "Hundetraum" (a dogs
dream) with soundtrack by Christian Nothaft on YouTube -

"Die Fledderer" - text by and with Gerhard Lassen - music: Christian Nothaft


the text "Die Fledderer" (the (corpse)robbers) by Gerhard Lassen,
read by himself and Maria Müller,
with soundtrack by Christian Nothaft - helltrip...

p.c.n Ambiloco - Vinyl-Doppel-LP + Demonum Vinyl-EP - inkl. Download

p.c.n Ambiloco Doppel-Album "Sponaneous Simplitude"


the first "Studio"-Album of the p.c.n Ambiloco - project,
a collectionof non-live Tracks, going back to 2002.
80 Minutes, 13 Tracks, more or less improvised ambient-
noise-electronic-minimal-no-wave-rock, slow,
low and dynamic...
Double-Vinyl-LP and Download at Bandcamp,
Minor Mailorder or X-Mist.

Demonum-EP "There´s nothing we can´t face - except for bunnies"

the first little colorful prelude to a new Project
dealing with Metal in the broadest sense.
5 Tracks, 20 Minutes weird Black/Death/Techno/
10-inch-Vinyl-EP and Download at Bandcamp,
Minor Mailorder or X-Mist.

p.c.n Ambiloco live-recordings now as free download at bandcamp

live 16.5.19 Seidlvilla


live 8.9.18 Farbenladen



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